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Circle lighting in Bracknell (United Kingdom)


A large department store called Fenwick in the mall The Lexicon in Bracknell (UK) has undergone a metamorphosis. In the beauty department, custom-made super-slim light rings provide a beautiful diffused light! These light rings are the result of a pleasant collaboration with award-winning lighting designers Nulty+ ( The custom-made liniLED® Aeris Circle has a diameter of 3.5 meters and fits in a liniLED® Aeris L20 profile. It is available in different light intensities and colors and can be covered with a diffuse shade for a special look. Your LED expert is happy to advise you on your liniLED® Aeris Circle.

Peter Mars, export manager Europe
☎️ +31(0)6-42220776

Ghadi Abou Zeid, export manager Middle East
☎️ +971 (0)50 6751115


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