Applying LED lighting in offices?

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Offices and work environments

Linear LED lighting is often used in offices and work environments because of the many benefits it brings.

  • Linear LED lighting is very energy-efficient and uses less electricity than traditional lighting. This results in lower energy costs for businesses, which is especially beneficial for offices where lighting is on for long hours.
  • LED lighting has a significantly longer lifespan than conventional lamps. This reduces the need for frequent replacement and minimises maintenance costs for businesses.
  • These lights can be equipped with dimmable features, allowing employees to adjust the lighting according to their needs and preferences. This is useful for presentations, team meetings or situations where dimmed light is desired.
  • Linear LED lighting has a sleek and contemporary design that blends well with modern architecture. It creates a visually appealing fa├žade that enhances the professional look of the office.

Communal areas

In communal areas such as an entrance hall, corridors/transportation areas, meeting rooms and canteens, linear LED lighting can be used to create a lively and inviting atmosphere. Whether connecting employees during a (lunch) break or facilitating creative brainstorming sessions in a meeting room, the right lighting plays a crucial role.

In corridors, passageways and stairwells, bright lighting is essential to ensure a safe and easily navigable space. LED luminaires ensure an even distribution of light across the room. This prevents dark corners and shadows, reducing the risk of accidents and improving visibility.

In canteens and entrance halls, the aesthetic value of lighting is also important. For example, by applying beautiful cove lighting. You can also implement the company's brand identity in the premises using LED lighting. Possibly in a specific colour. In this way, lighting not only fulfils a functional role, but also contributes to the visual appeal of the space.

Linear LED lighting not only provides the necessary brightness, but also the flexibility to adapt the lighting to the needs of the space and the people using it. It contributes to the overall appearance of the room and promotes a positive working environment.

Facade lighting

An office building is not only a workplace, but also a company's calling card. The appearance of the building, especially at night, can leave a lasting impression on passers-by and visitors. In this application, lighting goes beyond mere practicality; it contributes to the overall aesthetic of the premises and reinforces brand identity. Today, linear LED lighting is increasingly used to beautify and illuminate office facades.

Facade lighting can be installed in different ways, such as horizontally or vertically along the facade. This provides architects and designers with numerous options to create unique and eye-catching lighting patterns.

By using linear LED lighting, companies can adjust the colour temperature to match their brand identity and desired atmosphere. Warm white light can create a welcoming look, while cool white light can give a more modern look. An RBG or RGBW LED strip can also be used to choose the right colour to match the company's corporate identity.

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