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Experience what it is like to provide a project with beautiful lighting solutions with the right support, so you can focus on winning and completing your project profitably. View our completed projects for inspiration or request a free demo.

Triolight's mission

Triolight helps installers, electrical consultants, lighting designers and distributors around the world to provide their projects with fantastic linear 24V DC lighting without any hassle.

Since 2000, we have been developing high-quality products, always providing a one-stop solution. It is amazing to visit a location and see that the lighting solutions we have delivered are still burning brightly, even after 11 years. That's what we mean by quality of our products. We also offer quality with our services. Our customers approach us because we do not only think along with them, but also help them and because they trust us. Together, we always find a solution to the request on their desk.

We find that thinking along and helping our clients is of great importance. Especially in times when the availability is huge and sometimes confusing, technological developments follow each other rapidly and there is a shortage of qualified professionals. We are there to provide you with whatever you need for your project. Enabling the installer to do more projects with fewer people. Allowing the lighting designer and consultant to complete their design with lighting solutions as they conceived them, without concessions. Whether it's standard sizes, prefab products that can be quickly installed on site or complete custom projects.   

We make sure you can focus on winning and successfully completing your project profitably. All according to design, of the best quality and without any hassle.

Our mission and core values

Our mission is to make every building and environment beautiful, safe and sustainable with clever solutions with fantastic light, without any hassle. And we do this as a partner to our clients with high-quality products that are easy to install.

We put our clients at 1

We go for clever solutions

We create opportunities

We are real

Together we will let your project shine

Bring your lighting project to a higher level by using high quality LED products. Receive project counseling and guidance throughout the installation process. Do you have a question or need counceling? Let us know, because we are happy to help.

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