Railway lighting for maximum safety without light pollution

RailLight® is a solid fixture of high quality. With a plug-and-play installation method, it is mounted on the outside of the rail. This a completely new and innovative way of railway lighting. By only illuminating the paths, light pollution is history. The RailLight® can replace existing light solutions or you can combine them. 

This unique product was co-developed and designed by our R&D team. Triolight has exclusive production and distribution rights.

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Increase safety

Thanks to its unique design, the RailLight® emits a floodlight effect, making walking paths perfectly visible at night. The grazing light creates a shadow so that obstacles are visible. Also, there are no risks from shadows coming from parked trains. Because of this targeted lighting, the improved visibility of the personnel is a great benefit. The risk of tripping over an obstacle is reduced. 

The combination of high quality, energy efficiency, and minimal light pollution provide a new light experience in the railway industry. 

The innovative, sustainable RailLight® 

This patented fixture exists of a solid, aluminum housing with a liniLED® Top LED strip. With the combination of the unique co-extrusion and the suitable connector and cables, this LED strip has a protection rate of IP68. Choose an excellent light source like the liniLED® Deco or liniLED® Power LED strips. 

The vibration-resistant components ensure a long product life. With its length of two meters (connectable up to 90 meters!) RailLight® is quick and easy to install. The RailLight® fixture has been specially developed for placement in the rail.

Do you need some counseling?

Do you want us to help you find the best light solution for your project? You can contact us, without obligation. We are happy to help. 

Benefits of RailLight®

No light pollution

Because of the unique design, the light comes from the side and is directed sideward and downwards. The benefit is a minimum of light pollution in the neighborhood. This also has various biological, social, and ecological benefits. 

Up to 90% CO2 reduction

RailLight® has an excellent Lumen/ Watt ratio. The result is less energy consumption. One 200W power supply can illuminate up to 180 meters. Energy costs are reduced by 50% or 70% compared to traditional light poles and span wires. In addition to cost savings, using fewer power supplies also have a positive influence on the environment.

Plug & Play installation

Thanks to the plug-and-play coupling system, RailLight® is easy to install. The unique mounting brackets make it extremely difficult to steal the product. With the plug-and-play coupling system, you can remove and re-use RailLight®, without damaging the rail or the environment.

Up to 80% cost reduction

Save up to 50% on installation and maintenance costs compared to light poles and span wires. Energy costs are reduced by 50% - 80% compared to traditional light poles and span wires to ensure a short payback period.

No need to shut down the track, switch off overhead lines, or hire large machines and extra manpower. You save a lot of time and costs during installation and maintenance, while you see the light effect immediately.

Sustainable materials

All components of RailLight® are sustainable. The vibration-resistant elements ensure a long product life. The cables are acid and UV-resistant and contain rodent-resistant chemicals. The housing fits perfectly into the space inside the rail and is mounted with special anti-theft mounting brackets to make it difficult to steal the product and protect it against damage.

The light source itself is also very sustainable. Until the end of the lifetime (60.000 hours), the LED strips still contain 80% of the original luminous flux (L80/B10). Thanks to the different techniques like reel-te-reel, effective heat dissipation, and the PVC co-extrusion, premature voltage drops are reduced massively. 

Smart solutions

The power supply contains the 24 V DC driver and is located safely away from the track. Maintenance can thus be done safely without direct interference with the track. There is no need to shut down all tracks or hire large machines and extra manpower, which saves time and money.

Specially designed cable mounting brackets secure the cables neatly and securely in the “heart” of the rail. There is no need to dig the cables in the ground, which saves extra costs and time.

Improved safety

Pathways need to be well-lit to get to your workplace safely. Thanks to the floodlight effect of RailLight®, paths are perfectly visible at night.

The light is directed downwards thanks to the unique design of RailLight®. This prevents drivers in train cabins and other trackside personnel from being blinded.


Proven quality

Since the introduction in 2021, there were several projects in the Netherlands and France and mock-ups in the UK, Switzerland, Austria, and Belgium. 

In 2021 RailLight® has won the RailTech Innovation Award. 

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