Specialist in linear LED lighting for professional applications

We help installers, consultants, lighting designers and distributors realizing clever lighting solutions with fantastic light, without any hassle.

Sustainable | Beautiful | No hassle

There is always a solution for your lighting project

Every lighting project is unique and every application has specific requirements. You want to find the right solution that allows you to make a stunning impression without fuss. That is Triolight's strength. Together, we decide which approach and which products best suit your situation and budget. With high-quality products that provide fantastic light for many years.

  • Personal advice from a specialist
  • Clever linear lighting solutions
  • Quick and faultless installation
  • Many years of fantastic light
  • No hassle

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We specialize in ready to install light solutions and customised light projects.

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LED strips

LED strips

A wide range of liniLED® LED strips for every light solution. 

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Find datasheets, IES-files, LDT-files and manuals of our products. 

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Improve safety and decrease light pollution at marschalling yards. 

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We are happy to help you find the information or product you need for your light project. 

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How to make an impressive result

Accomplished lighting projects

Behold a selection of projects where our liniLED® and RailLight® products have been used and get inspired. Throughout the years we have been working with many costumers and created beautiful light solutions. 

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The power of Triolight

More than a LED light supplier

By using LED light, we make the world more beautiful, sustainable and safer. This is our company's mission, which we started in the year 2000. Our high-quality and sustainable LED light solutions are being used in many projects worldwide. 

Bob or Mada is your familiar face at Triolight, but in the background, every department is involved in creating the best light solution for your project. We care about the results, counsel where we can and make the installation as easy as possible. 

Paul from our in-house R&D department, for example. Besides product innovations, he is also involved in solutions for custom projects. 

Or our in-house production facility. They are responsible for our reliable products. Customised if that is needed, so it is ready to install. That makes the installation easier, quicker and saves you money. 

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Together we will let your project shine

Bring your lighting project to a higher level by using high quality LED products. Receive project counseling and guidance throughout the installation process. Do you have a question or need counceling? Let us know, because we are happy to help.

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