Dublin - Ireland

Sir John Rogerson’s Quay

An attractive and wheelchair accessible entrance. 


The goal was designing a minimalistic appearance that complements the protective structure at the front and the glass facade of the building at the rear. For that reason, the ramp for wheelchair users has been completely customised, with a continuous light line from the street to the doorway.   



In order not to detract from the minimalist design, the emergency lighting at the entrance merges seamlessly into the liniLED ® Handrail. As a result, no additional luminaires had to be added. 

ECI Lighting writes on its website: “The liniLED ® Handrail system met all requirements of the design and therefore offered the perfect lighting solution. The liniLED ® Handrail is a revolutionary stainless steel handrail system with LED lighting that provides functional lighting for a safe environment. This system has the same advantages as a LED fixture: sustainable, energy-efficient and available in different light intensities and light colours.”


liniLED® Handrail


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