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The importance of the right IP rating for a lighting solution

In the dynamic world of lighting design and installation, linear LED lighting has emerged as a versatile and energy-efficient solution for a wide range of applications. A crucial aspect for quality and lifetime, which incidentally is often overlooked, is the IP rating of these luminaires. It is important to pay close attention to this when choosing the right lighting solution.

IP ratings in brief

The IP value (Ingress Protection) indicates the degree to which the lighting solution is protected against external influences. This includes moisture and dirt. The IP value always consists of two digits that together

  Solid objects and dust
(first digit)
Moisture and water
(second digit)
0 No protection No protection
1 Protection against accidental, superficial contact with the hand (solid objects; diameter greater than 50 mm) Protection against (vertical) drops
2 Protection against accidental, superficial contact with the finger (solid objects; diameter greater than 12 mm) Protection against drops falling at an angle of 15°
3 Protection against accidental, superficial contact (solid objects; diameter greater than 2.5 mm) Protection against splashing water (max. 10L/min) at an angle of 60°
4 Protection against accidental, superficial contact, e.g. with a wire (solid objects; diameter greater than 1 mm) Protection against splash water (max. 10L/min) at all angles
5 Protection against dust/dustproof (solid objects; diameter greater than 0.5 mm) Protection against light spray (max. 12L/min) at all angles
6 Full protection against dust (dustproof) Water-resistant in case of torrential rain
7 - Protection in case of temporary immersion
8 - Protection against immersion
9 - Protection against immersion and high-pressure spraying


Most common IP ratings for LED lighting

IP00 = not protected against dust or moisture.
This is often a bare PCB LED strip that can be used in dry rooms, but must be protected by a profile with cover or the place where it is mounted.

IP20 = protected against accidental and minimal hand contact and not against moisture. Care must still be taken and should only be used in dry rooms.

IP40 = not yet dustproof, but somewhat better protected against solids. Not protected against moisture, so only to be used in dry rooms.

IP65 = Dust-proof and protected against light spray. Can be used in a room where it has very little contact with moisture.

IP67 = Dust-proof and a protection against temporary immersion. Can be used in outdoor solutions or other wet environments.

IP68 = Dustproof and waterproof. Can be used in outdoor solutions and wet environments.

IP69 = Dustproof and waterproof. Can be used in outdoor solutions, wet environments and high-pressure cleaning environments.


IP ratings for the entire system

LED lighting does not just consist of LED strips. It is a complete system with a strip, connector, power supply, profile and possibly control/controller. It is therefore essential that all components have the right protection. Not just the strip, in other words.

For an outdoor application, choose an LED strip with a value of IP67 or higher. If the connector has a lower IP value, moisture can still penetrate and damage the LED strip. So always consider the complete picture in order to maintain quality and longevity.


Our advice on IP ratings

When choosing the right lighting solution, it is important to take a good look at your surroundings. Is it an indoor or outdoor solution? To what extent will the lighting come into contact with moisture, dust or touch?

We always recommend some form of protection. This can be in the form of a silicone or PVC housing (such as our top of side LED strip) or by placing the strip in a profile with a cover. This way, the PCB strip remains best protected.

In addition, it is good to consider what is really needed. You do not need an IP68 lighting solution in a dry room. In this way, you can also save money.


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