Marketing Specialist: Mariska van den Brink

On March 1, 2022, Marketing Specialist Mariska van den Brink joined Triolight. She is happy to introduce herself to you. 

Can you tell us more about you professional background? 

My marketing adventure started at the mattress manufacturer TEMPUR Benelux BV. I started as marketing assistant, became marketing coordinator and ended as online marketer. After 7 years I moved to the online player After that I worked at one of the largest Automotive Retail Organisations Emil Frey. And since March I joined Triolight. I worked in all kinds of sectors at great companies. I had the opportunity to become an all-round marketer in B2B and B2C marketing and learn about online and offline marketing.  

What gives you energy at work? 

Beautiful results that work. Those things give my energy. Marketing give you the oppertunity the create beautiful things. For example this website. It took me a loot of time and energy to build and maintain it, but when I look at the results and the data behind, (visiters, conversion rates) it makes me proud. And that gives me energy.


What are you looking forward to the most? 

To find and tell Triolights story. To find new potential customers and get them interested in our brands and solutions. To keep our current customers happy. To help our customers to make their job easier. We are just a small player and not that well known as we want to be. I am going to work on that. 


With what kind of questions customers can come to you?

For many marketing related questions. For example, when customers are organizing events and need materials or they need materials for their website. I am happy to help.


What is your morning ritual at the office?

My day starts with a nice cup of tea. Then I always open LinkedIn to see what is happening on the Socials. Maybe there are new opportunities, or I like to see what is happening on the Socials of our clients. After that I look at my inbox to see if there are urgent questions. It depends on the deadlines, but I also try to make some time to talk to my colleagues. And then I start at the first task of my to-do list.


What is your first impression of Triolight?

Triolight is a nice company to work at. No matter how busy they are, my colleagues always make time to help. The sector and the products are completely new for me. So, I really grab all the help I can get. Everybody works hard with passion to create beautiful solutions. I still think it is fascinating how you can create such amazing results with our LED strips. 

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