Our present under the Christmas tree

Extension of liniLED® range

This year there was a great present under our Christmas tree, a wonderful expansion of our liniLED® range.


In addition to the familiar liniLED® product line, we are now launching the liniLED® R-line. This product line consists of various LED strips for regular use with an excellent price-quality ratio. The range consists of a variety of PCB LED strips and Diffuse light lines in various colours and colour temperatures and with a CRI 90 value. With this addition, we offer a suitable solution for every budget.

More diffuse lighting solutions

Our popular Top and Side Diffuse LED strips have been providing reliably smooth illumination without dots for years. They are robust and water-resistant with an IP69 rating. Complementing this product line, we introduce the liniLED® Neon R. These are liniLED® PCB strips with a silicone extrusion (protection layer), making the LED line flexible. This allows you to make curves with the lighting even easier without having to use multiple LED strips. The liniLED® Neon strips have an IP67 rating and, besides white, are also available in the mono colours Red/Green/Blue, RGB, RGBW and Tunable White.

More information about liniLED Neon

Another nice diffuse addition is the liniLED® COB R series. Because the small LED chips are placed close together on the PCB, a soft and equal light image is created. With the naked eye, points of light are no longer perceptible. The liniLED® COB series is available in White, Tunable White, RGB and RGBW.

More information about liniLED COB

Always a solution

How annoying is it when you have to scour the internet looking for products that fit your design or meet the specifications of a lighting plan. From the many options you can find, you make a selection and, based on the specifications, choose a brand. Then you think you've found a good LED strip, but don't forget a connector, power supply, controller and profile.

A lot of hassle? Absolutely. That is why we offer a complete range. Not too much, so you can't see the wood for the trees, but just enough. For every application and every budget. LED strips, profiles, connectors, controllers and power supplies from a single supplier. And we also help you make your choice, so you can be sure that your lighting solution fits your project perfectly.

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