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liniLED® Handrail provides a safe wheelchair environment in Ireland

ECI Lighting has done a beautiful lighting job with the 1 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay project. They have created a safe wheelchair environment in the outdoor entrance area of the office building by implementing the liniLED® Handrail.

The goal was to create a minimalistic design that complemented both the protected structure to the front and the glass facade building to the rear. Therefore a fully customized design was created for the wheelchair access ramp, which allowed for a continuous line of light from the street entrance to the doorway. In addition, the emergency lighting for the entrance was seamlessly integrated into the handrail, which proved to be a major benefit as it meant there was no need to include extra luminaires in the area.

As ECI Lighting mentions on their website: “The liniLED® Handrail System proved to be the perfect solution to meet the requirements of the design. The stainless steel liniLED® Handrail is a revolutionary LED based handrail system that provides functional and decorative lighting for a safe environment. It has the same light benefits as a LED fixture: durable, energy-efficient and available in various luminous intensities and lighting colours.”

Distributor: ECI Lighting
Lighting Design: EQ2Light
Main Contractor: John Paul Construction
Architect: Henry J Lyons
Electrical Engineer: J.V. Tierney & Co.
Electrical Contractor: Designer Group

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