Applying LED lighting in shops and showrooms?

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Shops and showrooms

Lighting plays a crucial part in the retail environment and directly affects how products are perceived and experienced by customers. LED lighting has transformed the retail sector by providing an efficient and versatile lighting solution that enhances both aesthetics and functionality. Using linear LED lighting in shops and showrooms offers several benefits:

  • Good lighting improves product presentation and attracts customers' attention, which can lead to increased sales.
  • LED strips can be adapted to different applications and can be dimmed or changed colour for different atmospheres.
  • LED lighting is energy-efficient and helps shops save costs on energy consumption.
  • Linear LED strips generally have a long lifespan, reducing the need for replacement.

Ambient lighting

A pleasant ambience through ambient lighting can make customers want to stay in the store longer and can increase customer satisfaction. This provides more time to look at products, makes them feel positive about the shop and its products and makes customers more likely to make multiple purchases.

Ambient lighting not only improves the overall look, but also influences customers' feelings and behaviour. Warm and dimmed light can create a feeling of cosiness and comfort, while brighter light can promote an energetic and active atmosphere. These emotions directly influence how customers feel as they walk through the shop.

Generic ambient lighting can be tailored to the shop's brand image and identity. This creates a consistent visual and emotional brand image that can appeal to customers and create a positive association with the brand. The versatility of LED lighting allows designers to create unique lighting designs that fit the brand and shop identity. Linear lights can be integrated along walls, ceilings or furniture.

Display and shelf lighting

In shops and showrooms, visual attractiveness is of great importance. Using well-placed LED lighting as display and shelf lighting offers a powerful way to highlight products and displays. This attracts attention and encourages customers to come closer and take a closer look at the products. By doing so, you highlight certain products or offers and encourage customer buying behaviour. The flexibility of linear LED lighting makes it possible to create displays and shapes that are unique to the shop and brand.

LED lighting can be used to highlight specific products or collections. Good display lighting minimises shadows and ensures even and consistent illumination of products. By focusing the right amount of light on key details, customers can better perceive the features and quality of the products, making them more attractive. Customers are more likely to buy products when they are well-lit and attractively presented.

Display lighting with linear LED strips can also be used to create a specific atmosphere around product displays. For example, warm lighting can create a cosy atmosphere for clothing shops, while bright light puts the focus on technological gadgets.

Aisles and walkways

The aisles and walkways in shops and showrooms are the connecting links between different departments and product displays. Smart use of linear LED lighting in these areas not only affects navigation, but also contributes to the overall atmosphere and safety and can influence customers' buying behaviour.

LED lighting can be used to mark clear paths and walking routes. This helps customers to easily navigate through the shop, find important departments and desired products.

Different colours or intensities of LED lighting can be used to highlight different areas, such as sale items or new collections. This creates a clear layout and facilitates finding specific product categories.

A well-lit and comfortable environment in aisles and walkways contributes to a pleasant shopping experience. It reduces the risk of tripping and falling, allowing customers to move through the shop safely and without any worries.

Fitting rooms

Trying on clothes in fitting rooms is an important moment for customers. The right lighting plays a crucial role in creating a positive experience and boosting customers' self-confidence. Linear LED lighting provides an excellent opportunity to optimally illuminate fitting rooms and enhance the customer experience.

Good lighting in fitting rooms minimises shadows and provides even illumination of the entire body. This helps customers accurately assess the fit and style of garments. In addition, Linear LED lighting can be matched with daylight to provide natural colour rendering. With the right CRI, customers can see the true colour of garments.

A well-lit fitting room contributes to a positive overall experience. Customers feel comfortable and appreciated. With the right lighting, customers can see their best selves in the mirror. This increases self-confidence and encourages purchases.

Cash registers and payment areas

When checking out purchases in shops and showrooms, the payment area is a crucial place where customers confirm their purchase decision. Using linear LED lighting at checkouts and payment areas is not only about functional lighting, but can also influence customers' buying behaviour.

A positive atmosphere and efficient payment processes can increase customers' purchase intention, even for additional purchases. And a pleasant environment at checkouts can reduce the perception of waiting time, making customers feel less rushed.

In addition, Linear LED lighting provides good visibility at checkouts and payment areas. Customers can easily check their purchases and make payments.

Facade lighting

The facade of a shop or showroom is the first thing customers see when passing through. Creating an attractive and eye-catching facade is crucial to attract customers and make a positive first impression. Linear LED lighting offers a modern and versatile solution for facade lighting that can improve the aesthetics of the shop or showroom.

  • LED lighting can be used to highlight specific features of the facade, such as logos, signs and architectural details.
  • With LED lighting, the facade of the shop or showroom remains highly visible even in the evening and at night, enhancing recognisability.
  • Linear LED lighting can create different atmospheres, such as a warm and inviting ambience or a modern and sleek look.
  • LED lighting is available in different colours, allowing the facade to match the brand and the desired look.
  • A well-lit facade invites customers to step into the shop or showroom, increasing the likelihood of visits.
  • An attractively lit facade gives a sense of professionalism and care for detail, which instils confidence in customers.
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