Applying LED lighting in educational institutions?

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Educational facilities and schools

The environment in which students learn has a major impact on their concentration, focus and overall learning experience. Linear LED lighting offers educational institutions a modern and efficient way to optimise and improve the learning environment.

  • LED lighting consumes less energy than traditional lighting, resulting in lower energy costs for educational institutions.
  • The longer lifetime of LED lighting means less frequent replacement and reduced waste production.

Communal spaces

Communal spaces in educational institutions and schools, such as an auditorium, are where students congregate, social interactions take place and creativity is encouraged. Creating an inviting and inspiring environment in these spaces is of great importance for the well-being and motivation of students and staff. Linear LED lighting offers a modern and versatile solution for lighting communal areas in educational institutions and schools.

Through clever use of LED strips, these spaces can not only be illuminated, but also transformed into inviting and inspiring environments. Place LED strips along walls, ceilings or furniture to achieve indirect lighting that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Choose LED strips with adjustable colours to adapt lighting to different occasions and events. From vibrant colours for parties to soothing hues for study hours, the possibilities are endless.

Use LED lighting to highlight key areas or zones in common areas. Consider highlighting reading corners, study areas or presentation areas to improve functionality. Or highlight seating areas, lounge areas and meeting areas with subtle and warm light.

Corridors and staircases

Transportation areas in educational institutions and schools are essential for the smooth flow of students, teachers and staff. The proper lighting design in these areas is very important not only to ensure safety, but also to improve functionality and efficiency. Linear LED lighting offers a modern and practical solution for illuminating transport areas in educational institutions and schools.

This form of lighting in the ceiling provides uniform and bright illumination in corridors, increasing visibility and safety. For example, LED strips can also be used for subtle floor marking, clearly marking walking routes. Or to create landmarks, such as at corridor intersections.

Toilet areas

Although toilets in educational institutions and schools are often forgotten, lighting in these areas plays an important role in creating a pleasant and functional environment. LED lighting offers a versatile solution to brighten and enhance toilets.

Use linear LED lighting to upgrade the functional aspects of toilets. Place LED strips along mirrors, above sinks and above toilet bowls for bright and even light.

Create a spacious feeling in small toilets by placing LED strips along the edges of the walls. This can give the illusion of larger space. Play with colours to create a pleasant atmosphere. Choose soft colours for a relaxing atmosphere and bright colours for an energetic ambience.

Integrate motion sensors with the LED lighting so that the light comes on automatically when someone enters the room.

Facade lighting

Facade lighting plays a crucial role in the aesthetics and appearance of educational institutions and schools, not only during the day but also at night. LED facade lighting can be customised to match the colours of the institution, creating a sense of identity and pride. It offers a modern and energy-efficient way to light the facades of these buildings and create a safe and welcoming environment.

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