Applying LED Lighting in Bus and Train Stations?

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Bus and Train Stations

Properly installing linear LED lighting and inground lighting at train stations is vital to create a safe and welcoming environment for travelers, regardless of the time of day. By installing this lighting in strategic locations and considering the needs of travelers, stations can be not only functional but also visually appealing, enhancing passengers' travel experience.


Install LED lighting along the entire length of the platforms at train stations. This provides brightness, visibility, and safety, which are essential for passengers boarding and disembarking, especially during the evening and in adverse weather conditions. Place inground lighting along the edges of the platforms to clearly delineate the platform's boundary and illuminate the boarding area effectively.

Entrances and Exits

Ensure adequate lighting at the entrances and exits of the station so that travelers can easily orient themselves and feel safe when entering or leaving the station. Install inground lighting or lighting in handrails at stairs and steps in the station to prevent falls and enhance safety.

Walking Paths and Footbridges

If there are walking paths or footbridges leading to the station, install linear LED lighting to make the routes well-visible, especially at night. Install the lighting along the entire length of the footbridge. This ensures uniform and bright illumination, allowing travelers to walk comfortably and safely, even in the evening hours. Consider using motion sensors on the footbridge. This allows the lighting to be activated when people are present, resulting in energy savings when the footbridge is not in use.

Waiting Areas

Illuminate waiting rooms and seating areas at the station with linear LED lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere for travelers. Provide benches and seating areas with inground lighting to establish comfortable and well-lit waiting spaces.

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