liniLED® Handrail

De liniLED® Handrail is a solid, stainless-steel banister. The LED based handrail system provides functional lighting in a continuous line. It increases safety, because the path is illuminated perfectly. 

  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Continuous light line
  • Sustainable materials, stainless-steel (AISI 316, IK10)
  • Available in various shapes/ dimensions
  • Symmetrical or Asymmetrical
  • Dimmable and low power consumption
  • Indoor and outdoor

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LED strip/ Colour temperature
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  Rectangular Square Round Round
Size 60x40 mm 40x40 mm Ø42.4 mm Ø48.3 mm
Material AISI 316L AISI 316L AISI 316L AISI 316L
Material bracket AISI 316 AISI 316 AISI 316 AISI 316
Protection grade (IP) IP40 IP40 IP40 IP40-IP65


Continuous light line without interruptions

The liniLED® Handrail is integrated with high quality 24V DC liniLED® LED strips. These LED strips are available in several luminous intensities (lumens), colours and colour temperatures. The specially designed couplers ensure a continuous light line, without interruptions. The handrail always contains a cover for a beautiful light effect and extra protection of the LED strip.   

Because of the special design and the customisation of the handrail, the application options are endless. The liniLED® Handrail is applied in several parks, theatres and luxurious yachts. 

Easy installation

The liniLED® Handrail can be wall mounted or post mounted. The brackets and adapters can move freely in the profile so they can be modified during installation. This makes it easy to adjust at the scene. 

Every project is unique. That is why we offer you to produce the handrail according to your design details. This customisation service provides you a light solution that is ready-to-install and this increases the installation time. 


Compose your ideal handrail

  1. Light effect: symmetric, asymmetric, diffuse
  2. Shape: round, square, rectangular
  3. Angle: 120°, 90°, other (customisation)
  4. Application:
    1. wall mounted
    2. wall mounted with infill option
    3. post mounted,
    4. post mounted with infill option
  5. Colour/ colour temperature of LED strip: 
    1. Ultra Warm White (2400K)
    2. Extra Warm White (2700K)
    3. Warm White (3000K)
    4. Natural White (4000K)
    5. Cold White (6500K)
    6. RGB
    7. Tunable White
  6. Power/ Control


Projects with the liniLED® Handrail

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