Kortrijk, Belgium

Iconic "Golden" Reepbrug

Brand new 60-metre long bicycle and pedestrian bridge connecting the Fabrieksskaai and Buda Island.


Right through the city centre of Kortrijk, the river Leie flows. The bridge crossing the Leie, which previously connected the Fabriekskaai and the Reepkaai (and Buda Island), has been completely replaced by a new practical bridge.

The new Reepbrug is only accessible for cyclists and pedestrians. Bike lifts, installed in the bridge towers on both sides, allow cyclists and pedestrians with mobility problems to easily enter and exit the bridge. Other pedestrians can use the two comfortable and very attractive staircases.

The bicycle and pedestrian bridge is over 60 metres long and as high as 7 metres. It is engineered to allow modern barges with three layers of containers to pass easily without the bridge having to close for crossing traffic.

The design of the new Reep Bridge is sober, but at the same time architecturally sophisticated. Visually, it fits perfectly into the overall picture of the Leiewerken. The atmosphere and ambiance of the prosperous, historic city had to be translated into the bridge's appearance. And we succeeded. It was not for nothing that this image-defining bridge was given a golden colour.



The bridge's design made extensive use of wood to achieve the sober look. By combining the wood with whiter light, the golden glow stands out even more. We selected the liniLED® Top High Power 4000K.

To achieve an even light image and because of space constraints, the LED strip was mounted in the liniLED® Aeris L20 profile with a diffuse cover. These luminaires were installed in the bridge towers and in the handrail on the bridge.

Because the bridge is an outdoor application, we made sure that both the LED strip and the connections are IP68. 5 metres of cable was included, so there was no problem connecting the driver.

Even in the dark, the bridge has a nice appearance, passers-by can find their way safely and barges have a good view of the bridge.



liniLED® Aeris L20 with diffuse cover
liniLED® Top High Power 4000K (IP68 connection)
liniLED® Dali controllers



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