Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Bicycle parking IJboulevard

Sustainable lighting in the Innovative underground 'floating' bike shed behind Amsterdam Central Station.


Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, lack of space is a major problem. There is a great shortage of bicycle parking spaces, but little space to expand. Especially around the central station. 

Therefore, an innovative underground solution was chosen. From now on, Amsterdam residents and tourists will park their bikes in the river! This could be realised by using a special application of the existing zinc tunnel technique. It's the first time this technique has been used for a bicycle shed. The parking facility can accommodate up to 4,000 bicycles!

The new IJboulevard creates extra space in a unique spot near the water in Amsterdam, especially for pedestrians and cyclists. The plan for IJboulevard is an integrated design: future-proof, climate-adaptive and nature-inclusive. Here, everything is aimed at traffic flow, safety, overview and convenience."

To put the space to good use, a 6.000-square-metre wooden deck with benches where people can walk and where events could possibly be organised was placed on top of the bicycle shed.

With the design, the architect wanted to bring down the elements that play a role above ground. Thus, wood, light and cyclists can park their bikes in the compartments called 'wind', 'water' or 'sound' were used.


To be able to move along with the crowds on the deck, the cycle shed has a suspended ceiling with wooden slats formed in an organic arch. Lighting is integrated into the ceiling. To keep energy consumption as low as possible, sustainable LED lighting was chosen.

The challenge in the project was the curved shape of the slat ceiling. We solved this by pre-bending the liniLED® Aeris profile into the same shape as the slats so it could be completely integrated.

For the best lighting result, the liniLED® Top 3000K (Warm White) High Power LED strip was chosen in this project. A nice even light image was achieved thanks to the diffuse cover.

liniLED® Top High Power 3000K
liniLED® Aeris met diffuse cover




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