Burj Al Arab Terrace

A mind blowing 10.000 m2 luxury terrace in the Arabian Gulf.


Set in the enchanting azure waters of the Arabian Gulf, the Burj Al Arab Terrace is a stunning 10,000 m2 luxury terrace which accommodates the first-class facilities of the number one seven-star hotel in the world: the Jumeirah Burj Al Arab Hotel. The terrace includes the luxurious Scape Restaurant & Bar, 32 private cabanas (butler serviced), 400 sun loungers and a beach. To complete the ground-breaking design, the terrace also incorporates a 612 m2 freshwater pool and an 828 m2 saltwater infinity pool, that melts into the horizon to create the mirage of a continuous ebb of water into the Arabian Gulf.

The terrace is the result of a creative marine design and ingenious engineering. Before being shipped in sections to Dubai for the final assembly and installation, most of the design and construction of the terrace was completed in Finland. Pioneering Finnish developer and construction specialist ADMARES was commissioned to deliver the visionary turn-key project. On the website, ADMARES CEO Mikael Hedberg says:

‘We’re immensely proud of this project. It gave us the opportunity to create a unique structure that could be installed in its final location with very little disruption to hotel guests and marine life and in a remarkably short time frame. It’s an impressive feat of engineering: the off-site fabrication in Finland and subsequent installation in Dubai makes it the biggest-ever undertaking of its kind in the world.



To execute its initial concept, ADMARES collaborated with our Finnish liniLED® partner, Oy Hedtec Ab. They supplied approximately 1.4 km of various liniLED® LED strips in three luminous intensities (Deco, Power and High Power). The liniLED® LED strips were installed indoor and outdoor of the Burj Al Arab Terrace with several liniLED® Profiles and Power Supply Units.


liniLED® Top Power LED strip
liniLED® Top High Power LED strip
liniLED® Top Deco LED strip



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