What you should think about when choosing the right products

Waterproof lighting solutions with LED strips

There are various LED strips on the market. Each with unique specifications and suitable for certain applications. After reading this free whitepaper, you will understand what you have to keep in mind when choosing the right products for a waterproof lighting solution.

A high-quality waterproof lighting solution in five steps

  1. Look carefully at the environment the LED strip will be installed and determine to what extent the lighting will come into contact with moisture/water.
  2. Choose a basic LED strip of high quality.
  3. Choose a LED strip with the right waterproof protection.
  4. Choose a good waterproof connector and end capĀ 
  5. Decide how you want to mount the LED strip and choose the right products.

Download the complete whitepaper

How do you properly map the situation and when can you speak of the right protection? In this 12-page whitepaper, we go through all the steps. For each step, you get practical tips on what you have to keep in mind when creating a waterproof lighting solution.

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