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Triolight B.V. was founded in 2000 and is known worldwide as the manufacturer of the high quality, European liniLED® System. Our company offers innovative and leading (LED) lighting solutions to clients in sectors, such as: maritime, architecture, infrastructure, construction, health, hospitality and retail. With a large network of professional partners, architects, lighting designers and planners, we’re active in more than 40 countries around the world. View corporate brochure


liniLED® System

The liniLED® System is a concept which consists of flexible LED strips (IP20, IP40, IP68+, IP69K), stainless steel drive over lighting fixtures (IP68), LED based handrails (stainless steel, IP65, IK10) and various accessories. In other words: a one stop shopping concept for all your projects!

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Our customers know liniLED® as the brand for all high quality, non standard solutions. In a market with so many suppliers, we distinguish our self by offering ‘modular outdoor solutions’. liniLED® will become a worldwide open platform, where knowledge about (LED) lighting can be shared.



“It is our mission to globally realise linear (LED) lighting solutions for projects that require tailor made solutions.”
The liniLED® Factory is a versatile workplace which creates linear LED products. It has to become a place that inspires professional customers, who are always welcome to get inspired in the factory. These products are used worldwide in projects where a standard product does not exist.

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Tailor made solutions

Life without LED lighting is difficult to imagine nowadays. Due to the durable, energy efficient and low maintenance features, LED has become an essential element in today’s future. The demand for LED based lighting solutions continues and each and every industry has its own specific requirements. Read more about our tailor made solutions |


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