Specialized in custom light solutions

Triolight has its own R&D and production department. Our specialized production personnel can customize your order, so it will be ready to install. This benefits the quality of the product and provides a quicker, simpler, and flawless installation, which can save money. Our in-house R&D department is involved in more complex tailor-made light projects.

Every project is unique and has its own specific light plan. Sometimes a single LED strip is enough to create a beautiful result. Other projects are a bit more complex. For example, a light source in the shape of a triangle or other shapes. 

Since 2000 we have worked with many distributors, lighting designers, architects, engineers, advisors, and installers and we accomplished a lot of beautiful results. Look at our project overview. We learn from every project and every partnership. And by using the knowledge and experience of previous projects, we can make sure every new project will be executed hassle-free with a sustainable and marvelous result.

Because of the knowledge and experience, we gained in the last couple of years, we have grown to be the LED light specialist for all standard and tailor-made light solutions. And we still learn from every project. We look and listen with an open mind, so we can always offer you the best light solution to let your project shine. 

Do you need some counseling? We are happy to help you to create a fantastic light solution. Send us your request and we contact you as soon as possible. 

Example of a customized project


An excellent example of a customized project is the Khalifa University project in Abu Dhabi. This is one of the more complicated assignments we have had in the last couple of years. Our client was Nouran Trading Co. LLC from Dubai.

Our client’s goal was to create a united light image in the various surroundings of the university. The Estimada standards* needed to be observed. The lighting design was extensively researched, reducing light pollution levels and lighting power density to the best range.

For this project, we were asked to make a custom cast, stainless steel (LED) light fixtures in a triangle shape. The luminaires were then seamlessly integrated into the similarly shaped paving of the square in front of the university. 

Lighting designer UMAYA Lighting Design has won the desirable Exterior Lighting Project of the Year award for this design during the fifth edition of the Light Middle East Awards.  

*Estidama is the Arabic translation for sustainability. It is an essential aspect of the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030”, whereby (new) construction in Abu Dhabi must meet the latest innovative, sustainable standards.


In-house R&D department

Our in-house R&D department is, besides improving our product range, involved in custom projects. As soon as we receive the project data, Paul examines the data, decides if it is achievable, and makes the first estimation of the costs. 

When we decide we can offer a solution that suits the wishes of the project and the client, we start the next phase. The result of this phase is a temporary solution. If needed the R&D team creates a first example of the light solution and presents it to the client.  

On the bases of the feedback from the client, the R&D team improves the first design. At the end of the third phase, the client receives a detailed design of the light solution. When everybody is happy with this design, we start production. 

During all phases of the process, there are serval meetings between our clients and the involved departments. It is important to us that every member is well-informed so we can create the best solution together. 

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