liniLED® Top R Power Colour

Illuminate with precision, offer diverse options, and unleash creativity with the brilliance of the liniLED® Top R Power Colour LED strip. Immerse your spaces in a vibrant spectrum of colours with the Red, Green, or Blue options.

Seamless installation is made effortless with the IP67 flexible silicon extrusion, ensuring adaptability and reliability in various environments. Whether you're highlighting architectural features, creating decorative accents, or designing captivating lighting effects, the liniLED® Top R Power Colour offers versatile solutions to meet diverse project requirements.

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Additional information
  Red Green Blue
Product code RT013-R RT018-G RT006-B
Power (24V DC) 4.32 W/m 2 W/m 3 W/m
Luminous flux 131.6 lm/m 183.3 lm/m 62.98 lm/m
LED/M 60 60 60
LED/ section 6 6 6
Degree of protection (IP) IP67 IP67 IP67
SDCM/ step 3 3 3
Dimmable Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions B 12 mm
H 5 mm
B 12 mm
H 5 mm
B 12 mm
H 5 mm
Max. connection length 5 m 5 m 5 m
Warranty (years) 5 5 5


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