liniLED® Neon R Top Silicone TW

The liniLED® Neon R Top Silicone TW is a versatile lighting solution with top-notch features. Designed to bend seamlessly from top to bottom, this product boasts a silicone construction that enhances its flexibility and ease of shaping. The Tunable White feature allows you to adjust the colour temperature to suit different environments.

Built with high-quality components, this lighting solution ensures reliable performance. Its impressive flexibility and top bending capability make it a practical choice for various applications. With a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 90, the liniLED® Neon R Top Silicone delivers excellent colour representation.

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Additional information
Product code RNT16-92765-TW
Power (24V DC) 14.40 W/m
CRI 90+
Luminous flux 941 lm/m
LED/M 240
LED/ section 12
Degree of protection (IP) IP67
MacAdam steps 3
Dimmable Yes
Dimensions B 16 mm
H 17 mm
Max. connection length 10 m
Warranty (years) up to 5

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