liniLED® Dim 4-DMX-PRO

The professional liniLED® Dim 4-DMX-PRO is packed with lots of powerful and unique features.

  • DMX512-A protocol (fully addressable)
  • DMX RDM capable with auto addressing
  • Master/slave function including optional phase shifting (phasing)
  • Function mapping
  • Easy to integrate in building management systems
  • Dim to warm dimming profile
  • Fully tested, 5-year warranty

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Product code 11135
Output channels 1-4
Control Single colour, Tunable White, RGB, RGBW LED strips
Input signal DMX512-A/DMX-RDM, fully addressable
(4 analogue inputs 0-10V/1-10V/Potentiometer/N.O. dry contacts with or without memory)
Input voltage (Vin) 10,8 - 52,8V DC
Dimming range 0,1 - 100% (1-100% in N.O. Push mode)
Dimming frequency 300/600/1200 Hz (selectable)
Ambient operating temperature (Ta) -40C° tot +60C°
IP-rating IP10
Dimensions 72x92x71 mm
Weight 125 g

Datasheets liniLED® Controller Dim 4-DMX-PRO
Datasheet liniLED® Controller Dim 4-DMX-PRO 

Manual liniLED® Controller Dim 4-DMX-PRO
Manual liniLED® Controller Dim 4-DMX-PRO

liniLED® Universal 1-10 V Dimmer

Product code 11295

liniLED® DIN-rail

Product code 11139
Suitable for mounting the controller


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