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We our proud to present our new serie of liniLED® Aeris Profiles: durable, walkover aluminium profiles, which can be used with the liniLED® PCB and Top LED strips. Depending on the desired light effect, the profile can be equipped with a diffuse or clear cover. The combination of light weight aluminium materials and several handy accessories, allows for easy installation of the liniLED® Aeris Profile. Ideal for LED solutions in floors, walls, ceilings, etc.

By using the step-by-step plan, you have the possibility to compose the Aeris Profile. The result: a liniLED® LED lighting solution for all your indoor or outdoor projects. Click here to download the step-by-step plan.

Easy & clean installation
Thanks to the light weight, durable aluminium materials and the user friendly click system, the liniLED® Aeris Profile is easy to install. Click the profile on the cable entry to manoeuvre away the visible cables. Complete the installation process by using the special ‘invisible’ mounting clips and aluminium end caps for a clean finish.

Diffuse light effect
Depending on the desired finish and light effect, you can choose between a clear and diffuse resin. For the ultimate diffuse light effect, we recommend the combination of the diffuse resin with the Power Short Pitch (PSP) version of the PCB LED strip.

This year the Aeris series will be complemented with three more profiles. The current Aeris Profile (type L20, dimensions H19xW20,2 mm), will be available in a higher version (type H20). In addition, the Aeris Profiles L30 and H30 will also be introduced to the assortment.

IP67 | PU embedded

The liniLED® Aeris Profile is also available as a IP67 lighting fixture: liniLED® Aeris Profile PU embedded. With the step-by-step plan the profile can be composed as desired. Depending on the light effect, the profile can be poured with clear or diffuse resin. For the ultimate diffuse light effect, we advise to use the diffuse resin in combination with the Power Short Pitch (PSP) version of the PCB LED strip. Due to the short distance between the LED’s, a beautiful diffuse effect can be realised. As the profile is illuminated with one of the high quality liniLED® PCB LED strips, the liniLED® Aeris Profile PU embedded has the same benefits as a lighting fixture: energy efficient with an expected lifetime of more than 50,000 hours.

Click here to download the step-by-step plan.

Would you like to order a sample of the liniLED® Aeris Profile PU embedded?
User details below to order a sample from one of our distributors. View distributors |liniLED Aeris L20 - Eindkappen

B12014D0300 Aeris Sample PU L20 2700K PSP
B13014D0300 Aeris Sample PU L20 3000K PSP
B14014D0300 Aeris Sample PU L20 4000K PSP
B16014D0300 Aeris Sample PU L20 6500K PSP



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