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During the 5th edition of the Light Middle East Awards, 700 industry professionals gathered at the gala dinner to celebrate the best in architectural lighting and design. Amongst the best was UMAYA Lighting Design. They won the award for Exterior Lighting Project of the Year thanks to their stunning lighting design for the Khalifa University Extension.  
The goal of the design was to create a unified lighting language throughout the landscaped area. Contrast ratio played an important role to generate intimate subspaces in the overall landscape. It was quite a challenge to find a balance between creating an exciting story and complying with the Estidama* standards for exterior spaces. The lighting design was studied extensively; the light pollution levels and lighting power density were limited to the acceptable range.

*Estidama is the Arabic word for sustainability. It is a key aspect of the “Abu Dhabi Vision 2030” drive, to build the Abu Dhabi emirate according to innovative green standards.

For this project liniLED® was asked to create custom made (LED) luminaires made from stainless steel and filled with PU in the shape of a triangle. Subsequently the luminaires were integrated seamlessly into the similar shaped pavement, placed in a gradient fashion. The closer you get to the building’s entrance, the more condensed the placing of the luminaires gets.

During night time the triangle luminaires come to life, giving the building its unique identity. It is the perfect example of how multiple disciplines can come together and create a transformative, innovative experience.

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